Rogz Fancy Dress Extra Extra Large 40mm Special Agent Dog Collar, Houndstooth Design


Low-Load Technology to Reduce the Load on the Buckle, MegaLatch Buckle, Stylish Designs, Durable, Box-Stitched Joins for Extra Strength, Contoured Plastic Components for Better Fit, Adjustable Collar.

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Rogz Fancy Special Agent Collar is made with cool graphix ribbons which are stitched onto high grade webbing. Incorporating the new Rogz Mega-Latch, strength is what it’s all about here while our rounded contoured plastic components ensure that every Rogz collar fits as snug as a pug in a rug. The Low Load Technology reduces the load on the buckle through a cleverly positioned load ring. Our collars come with a custom designed die cast ring (no welding) with electroplated chrome for a rust, tarnish free finish. Our Special Agent collars are 40mm in size and adjust from 50cm to 80cm and are suitable for Bulldog, Bouvier, St. Bernard and German Shepherd breeds.

Dimensions: 342mm (Length) x 58mm (Width) x 342mm (Height) x 39mm (Depth)

Product Weight: 0.77Kg

Colour: Black

Material: Nylon and Polyester Webbing

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