Wagalots Treat Biscuits


Wagalots come in different sizes and flavours to suit every dog’s snack-time requirements. 

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‘Puppy’ treats are great for training up the new addition to your family, or for training a dog of any size. They are the smallest treat in the range and are ideal for rewarding your dog for good behaviour.
Biscuits range of flavours can suit various canine tastebuds, including a low fat variety that will help to keep your dog trim (or for those dogs on a strict diet).
A List of some of the Ingredients used:

1. Flour
2. Mielie Meal
3. Bran
4. Nutty Wheat
5. Carrots
6. Parsley
7. Low fat plain yoghurt
8. Sunflower Oil/Omega 3
9. Bicarbonate of Soda
10. Stock
11. Liver
12. Biltong shavings/sesame seed/linseed
13. Eggs

Businesses and dog owners who support Wagalots enable us to continue helping intellectually disabled young adults develop skills and prepare them for work in the open labour market.

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