A Valentines Day surprize

By Leonie Mervis

On my calendar, the 14th of February was circled with a big red heart, not because I had an exciting date planned or was expecting any gifts from secret admirers, but because it was the day that Milo’s February Lucky Dog Box would arrive!

On arrival, the box was greeted by bouncing and happy tail wagging spins, that increased at a rapid rate as I lowered Milo’s box onto the floor. I subscribed to Lucky Dog 4 months ago, so it is not surprising that my 2 year old brakkie, Milo could recognize the difference between a Lucky dog box and an ordinary cardboard one – or perhaps it was the layers of delicious aromas wafting out between the flaps! 3 boxes on, Milo has also perfected the art of opening his box all by himself. That’s right, he has learnt to take the sticky tape off and open the flap – very cute! Once opened Milo went straight for the Ricky Litchfield biscuits. What can I say, he isobsessed with food! Now I must say these biscuits are yum, with an amazing black current buchu smell – in fact I have to stop myself eating one every time I open the box. After he had polished off a few biscuits he moved on to the Pedigree dentastix chews, which he ate in such record time, that I think they had little chance to actually clean his teeth!   Digging a bit deeper in the box I found what had to be my favourite gift of the month – a gorgeous collar charm from Superstar Paws. I’ve never thought of buying jewelery for my dog, but now I am converted. Milo looked so handsome in his bling bone. It clipped on easily to his collar and now he can go swaggering up to all the ladies in style! Next to the bling was a bottle of Pets Sponge shampoo – you know, you need to smell good if you are going to charm the ladies! Now, having a bath is not one of Milo’s favourite things, so to his relief I decided not to use it, not because I wanted to ruin the happy mood, but rather because I was worried about upsetting his natural skin treatment program. Hopefully there is a lady out there for him that likes her boys a bit stinky! The rest of Valentines Day was spent playing fetch with Milo’s second favorite gift, a cuteheart-shaped soft toy from Lucky Dog – a great addition to celebrate the day of love. The best thing is that next month we get to repeat this day of  happiness and surprises all over again. It’s like Valentine’s day and Christmas all rolled into one!

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