Caring for your dog

While many people want to own a dog, few know how to care for them properly.   It is important to train and care for your dog properly – this will nurture his intelligence and loyalty. Firstly, you should purchase quality food for your dog – it may cost slightly more than alternative brands but a nutrient-rich food will ensure that your pup is healthy and strong, with a shiny coat and bright eyes. Dogs are like small children, and should be treated as such. A dog left alone for long periods of time is likely to get up to mischief.  When left alone at home, your dog should have a designated area with boundaries. Leave fresh water; chew toys and other things that will keep him occupied. When your dog behaves properly, you should always praise and reward him. This teaches him that good behaviour leads to rewards, while bad behaviour does not. When you are consistent with this, you will notice that your dog behaves properly on a regular basis. When your dog disobeys you or shows behaviour that is not acceptable, you should discipline him so that he understands the difference between right and wrong.  A good way to discipline your dog without hitting him is to spritz water on him (using a spray bottle) and give him a verbal warning. This will get the message across in a non-abusive way. You want your dog to respect you, not fear you. How you train your dog is very important. You want a dog which you can take out for a walk without worrying whether he will listen to your commands. Buy Now blankKeep your furr-child stimulated with Lucky Dog’s wide range of Pet Toys:

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