Doggie diet tips

Although it was once common practice to feed dogs whatever scrapes came from the dinner table, today we realize that there is much more to feeding an animal than we thought. It is important to give them foods that will provide them with a healthy life and a long one too. In fact, there are a number of researchers who dedicate their lives to understanding just what your pet should and shouldn’t eat. Here’s what we know: It is important to provide your animal with the right type of food. That means that you should give her food that is right for the dog’s age and activity levels and that is right for her size as well as her health. You’ll find a wide selection of products to choose from in your pet store. It is wise to purchase the best quality of food for your pet that you can afford to buy. Realize that if you purchase poor quality food for your animal, his health can be lacking. Your pet’s diet should include some dry food because the crunch will help to keep her teeth clean and it will also help with gum health. It provides the fiber in your dog’s diet that is necessary. You can use wet food, but don’t give them too much of it. For example, pour some over your dog’s dry food instead of giving them the whole can. If you are interested in providing your pet with home made foods, find dog specific recipes throughout the web to use. It is important not to give your dog leftovers from your meal though. You need the food to provide nutrition to your dog based on his needs. Things like fats, and fillers in human food, as well as spices, can make a dog sick. Ideally, you will need to get recommendations about the amounts of food to feed your dog from your vet. Sometimes, information is also available on the food bags as well. Not sure if your pet is eating the right amount? Here’s a test. If you run your hand against the dog’s side, you should feel her ribs without pressing. If you can not feel them without pressing, she may be overweight. If you can see them, though, she is underweight.

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