Essential Feeding Advice: How To Keep Your Dog Happy

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When it comes to our four legged friends, we all want to keep them happy. And one of the best ways to any dogs’ heart is through their tummies! What we feed our dogs may not seem like a complex issue but it’s essential to remember that are many food items that are toxic for our furry companions.

An example of which is onions. Although it forms the base of many of our favourite dishes, if a dog ingests onions it can cause them to develop haemolytic anaemia – a condition where their red blood cells burst. If the anaemia is not treated, your dog can die. Symptoms of anaemia include vomiting, breathlessness, dullness and weakness.

The amount of food you give your dog each day varies greatly depending on their age, breed, size and activity level. Therefore, it’s important that you’re giving your dog the correct amount as well as making sure the food contains all of the necessary proteins, fibres and vitamins. For all the information we need to keep our dogs healthy and happy let’s check out this infographic sent to us by Greyhounds As Pets.


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