Rogz Alpinist Large 20mm K2 Dog H-Harness, Chocolate Rogz Design


Lockable RogLoc Buckle, Silky Soft Touch, Durable, Box-Stitched Joins for Extra Strength, Contoured Plastic Components for Better Fit, Adjustable H-Harness.

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Explosive surf gear for the big guns – grommets need not apply. K2 gear is designed for the adrenalin junkie equally at home on white Himalayn powder slopes or blue Hawaiin barrels. If it peaks, ride it! When you’re hanging upside down on top of the world and your whole life flashes before your whiskers, isn’t it great to know that Rogz made your restraints? The 20mm K2 H-Harnesses are fully adjustable and perfect for the Great Outdoors. Soft to the touch but not for the softies in the canine world.

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Weight 1.88 kg
Dimensions 340 × 105 × 40 mm


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