ROGZ Utility Extra Large Lumberjack Explore Harness, Blue Reflective


Reflective Stitching, Padded, Support Handle for additional assistance, Front and Back Rings for increased control and two point steering, Easy-Fit, Durable, Adjustable

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Shaken, not stirred, the ROGZ Utility Range remains remarkably strong and deliberately durable; especially when it comes to the Explore Harness. Made with the same materials found in your sports shoes, with a highly reflective stitching, these harnesses are a little more than just meets the eye. The support handle on the back of the harness allows you to assist your dog while scrambling up those mountain cliffs. The ring in the front allows you to use a Multi-Purpose Harness for those explorers who prefer a frantic and excitable hike in the woods, rather than a slow meander. Together with the ring on the back of the harness, the front ring provides increased control with the two-part steering, i.e. harness connected to the front ring and the back ring. The inner padding ensures that your dog remains comfortable while tearing headlong through the jungle. The Explore Harness is available in 4 sizes and 5 colours. The Extra Large Harness is fully adjustable in the girth from 66-95cm and is suitable for Labradors, German Shepherds and similar sized breeds.

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