Ten most common pet ailments and easy fixes

Here are the ten most common ailments that vets are presented with and easy fixes to avoid or treat the problem:

guy-boxer-puppy2 1. Vomiting due to table scraps and fatty food. Tip: Only treat with low fat bland food. 2. Skin allergies flaring triggered by table scraps. Tip: In allergic pets best to stay away from food pet is not used to or use novel protein like duck, venison or ostrich. 3. Ear infections aggravated by swimming. Tip: Use ear cleaner after swimming. 4. Bite wounds Tip: Keep dogs on leads. All bite wounds are infected, if the skin is broken take them to a vet. 5. Kennel cough Tip: Ask for additional kennel cough vaccination at least 2 weeks before kenneling. 6. Flea infestation leading to flea bite allergies Tip: Be vigilant with monthly treatment on the pet and the house. Only 5% of flea population lives on the pet the immature stages are lurking in your house! 7. Heat stroke Tip: Never leave a pet in a stationary car. Go for walks in the cooler parts of the day. Be especially careful with flat faced pooches or the noisy breathers. 8. Tick bite fever Tip: Use a reputable tick collar and monthly oil based topical treatment especially if you visiting new places with your pet. 9. Constipation or diarrhea Tip: Once again the big culprit: table scraps and please stay away from bones. 10. Foreign bodies From grass awns migrating in to the skin, to stick injuries during playing and even the occasional swallowed Christmas decoration. Tip: Keep hair around feet and ventral side short to keep grass awns out, never play fetch with sticks (think damage to eyes, palates and playmates) and keep the decorations out of reach. These are ten pet health problems which are ALL preventable!  Do you have any health tips to share with us?  Please do!

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