What to buy for your new pup

Pet accessories are an important part of taking care of your dog. There is a wide variety to choose from and you might wonder where to start, particularly if this is your first pet. Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing accessories for your pet:

  1. Food and water bowls:

The most important thing about choosing good bowls is to ensure that they will not be easily tipped over. It’s vital that your dog has access to fresh water at all times.

  1. Dog collar:

Whether you want a plain or fancy variety – collars are important and will be an item you use daily. This means the comfort and fit are important. Experts recommend that the space between your dog’s neck and collar should be at least 2 fingers wide. Make sure you get a good fit!

  1. Dog leads :

It’s not hard to choose a leash – you just want to keep in mind that it needs to be strong enough to hold your dog.

  1. Grooming accessories: 

Depending on the kind of breed you have the amount of grooming accessories needed will vary.  At the very lest you will need a basic toolkit: – Dog shampoo – Dog clippers – Styptic powder – Dog toothbrush – Dog toothpaste – Dog brush or comb These are the basics. There are many other products you can use to keep your dog clean and fragrant. If you have a more high maintenance dog you will need these plus a wider variety of brushes and combs to care for your pets coat and grooming needs.

  1. Dog beds:

It’s a good idea to buy a dog bed. This gives your dog a ‘retreat’ and they will value having their own comfy space where they can go when cold or sleepy. Be sure to choose the right size – many dog beds are designed for specific breeds so you won’t have a problem finding a bed for your dog.

  1. Dog toys and treats:

Most dogs love playing and, just like children, they love being spoilt. It is especially important if you are away for long periods of time that your dog has something to play with. It’s best to give them a variety of toys – this will keep them away from your slippers! There is a wide variety of toys for your dog to chew, play with and bite – remember that these should be size appropriate – if the toy is too big they won’t be able to play with it and it won’t be fun for anyone. These are the most important accessories you will need for your dog. There are many more things you could buy your dog but by catering for the items on this list your dog should have everything he needs to be a healthy, happy dog.

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